Saturday, July 25, 2009

Almost everything in the entire universe

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Four Seconds ago, four seconds ago, fours seconds ag
The sirens slowly fade into the night. Can't really prove there is a past but, it's interesting to watch it being made, matched, remembered.

Madonna and Child: Ketchup, Nyquil on lemon dishsoap

a state of disarray; an ordeal; a fine mess.
Glove skin of thought/feeling, an interface, nourished by feelings, as moss, defining what feeds it, describing as is its function, the frontier as a netted structure, molecularly (in thinking model land) not an impermeable layer. Yet the appearance, or assumption of containment, as its function. The operations of the net are all about definition to the intellect.
if there are no boundaries--
no transaction, nothing got.

plus they tell us everything,
a certain thing is not.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Quantum physics is what you go through before the discovery of the mundanity field, a structure that acts similarly to LED lighted advertisement. Quanta are actually nodes of code that inscribe a path of transit, its impelled energy, and specific location of the greatest concentration of activity at a specific time, in measurable relief to its tapering surrounding energy all of which current technology and the human senses are unable to keep up with. The mundanity field 'blinks' or refreshes itself at a very high frequency with very subtle temperature fluctuations, and physical tendencies therefore tend as they tend to tend, the way carbon trails establish a more likely route of electricity in classic physics. Presently we are learning about products bought and sold in other parts of the galaxy as we find out the universe is a big billboard.